IN INK: Current Trends of Ink Art


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In Ink: Current Trends of Ink Art 

Exhibition Date: October 5 - November 8, 2019

Symposium: October 5, 2:00-5:30p.m.

Opening Reception: October 5, 5:30-6:30p.m.

(September 13, 2019) NanHai Art is pleased to present In Ink: Current Trends of Ink Art, a group exhibition featuring 34 contemporary ink artists from both China and the US. This exhibition will be open in conjunction with the 2019 Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area.

Ink art represents a cultural value, is an attitude to and an understanding of life, nature, and the world. Since the beginning of the last century, along with the dramatic changes in society, ink art has also been in the process of rethinking, reexamining, and renovation. Especially in the past few decades, facing the strong challenge of contemporary artistic concepts, ink artists use their unique artistic language to express their concerns in life, and to pose questions to both tradition and modernity. Their works, regardless of conceptual approach or visual discourse have developed in the context of contemporary life, and, as with other forms of Chinese art today, represent the contemporaneity of society and culture. Now, ink art has already become an important and inseparable part of contemporary Chinese art. We can see that all artists confidently display their visual experience, describe their personal perceptions, express their concerns in life, explore their spiritual aspirations, and raise questions about both tradition and modernity in a much broader contemporary cultural discourse. 

This exhibition, In Ink: Current Trends of Ink Art, brings thirty-four ink artists’ work to the Bay Area, sharing with us their life experience and artistic exploration. It will provide an opportunity for us to directly engage with and reach a deeper understanding of this important component of contemporary Chinese art.

An eponymous symposium, co-hosted by NanHai Art, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and Christie’s, will open the exhibition and kick off the fifth edition of Asia Week SFBA on October 5 from 2–5:30pm. Featuring speakers and panelists include: Abby Chen (Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Asian Art Museum); Katherine Don (Head of Arts & Cultural Development, Asia Society Hong Kong); Kuiyi Shen (University of California San Diego); Richard Vine (Managing Editor of Art in America); Chun Chen Wang(Deputy Director of CAFA Art Museum, China); moderated by Julia F. Andrews (The Ohio State University).

Seating is limited. Please find out more details and RSVP here

Exhibiting Artists

  • Cai Guangbin 蔡广斌
  • Arnold Chang 张洪
  • Michael Cherney 秋麦
  • Du Songru 杜松儒
  • Fong Chung-Ray 冯钟睿
  • Gao Qian 高茜
  • He Kunlin 何昆霖
  • Hou Beiren 侯北人
  • Li Jin 李津
  • Li Tingting 李婷婷
  • Lin Yan 林延
  • Liu Guosong 刘国松
  • Liu Qinghe 刘庆和
  • Lu Chuntao 陆春涛
  • Lu Fusheng 卢甫圣
  • Qiu Deshu 仇德树
  • Qiu Ting 丘挺
  • Ming Ren 任敏
  • Shen Chen 沈忱
  • Wang Dongling 王冬龄
  • Wang Jinsong 王劲松
  • Wang Tiande 王天德
  • Wei Jia 韦佳
  • Xie Xiaoze谢晓泽
  • Xu Hualing 徐华翎
  • Xu Lei 徐累
  • Hong Chun Zhang张春红
  • Stella Zhang 张爽
  • Zhang Suojia 张所家
  • Zhang Yanzi 章燕紫
  • Zhang Zhengmin 张正民
  • Zheng Chongbin 郑重宾
  • Zhong Yueying 钟跃英
  • Zhou Shilin 周世麟

About the Curator

Kuiyi Shen is Professor of Asian Art History, Theory, and Criticism, Vice Chair and Director of Ph.D. Program. His teaching and writing focuses on Chinese and Japanese art with an emphasis on modern and contemporary Chinese art and Sino-Japanese art exchanges in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He is a recipient of fellowships and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, Social Science Research Council, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Stanford University, University of California, and Leiden University. Shen has also worked as a curator and curatorial consultant for projects including Literature in Line (Ohio State University, 1997), A Century in Crisis, the modern portion of China, 5000 Years (Guggenheim Museum SoHo and Guggenheim Museum ilbao, 1998), Word and Meaning (SUNY Buffalo and Ohio University, 2000-2001), Chongqing Chilis (Ohio University, Wellesley College, Ohio State University, and Miami University, 2003-2004), and Landscapes (Shanghai Gallery of Art, 2004), Chinese Painting on the Eve of the Communist Revolution (Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University, 2006), Reboot-The Third Chengdu Biennale (Chengdu Modern Art Museum, 2007)

About NanHai Art

NanHai Art is an art gallery that specializes in Chinese contemporary art. It focuses on introducing the artworks that reflect the unique aesthetics of Chinese art while transcending cultural and artistic boundaries with a contemporary sensibility. Currently located in Millbrae, California, it provides an easy access for the Greater San Francisco and Silicon Valley audience.

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